Monday, February 27, 2012

The Scariest Word Ever: Revision

Okay, so it's not really the scariest word ever, even if I used to believe it was.

That was before.

Before I completed a novel.  Before I reworked and edited and rewrote and changed the words so many times my head was spinning.  And before I had a few crit partners read my story.

My outlook on revision has changed drastically in the last couple of weeks.

You see, I've had some input now.  And it was good, helpful input.  I can see where my characters are weak.  I can see where I need to describe more, where I need to alter the world, where I need to skip a scene or add a scene.

I've been provided with a new view of my writing, and because of that, I'm ready for revision.  Or Re-Vision - my new term, which is possibly less scary than the word 'revision'.

Honestly, I now have a new vision of certain parts of my story, and I'm ready to incorporate some changes.  My re-visioning will be put on paper, so to speak.  (As a writer I reserve the right to make up words as needed.)

I'm giving myself a deadline.  I need to push myself to do it.  The date I'm shooting for is circled in my planner.   In red. 

And once I reach my goal of finishing my Re-Vision, I'll work on my query.

Now THERE'S a scary word!


  1. I admire that you have taken on the task of YA writing with all the running and doing that is done!! I so look forward to the day that you're able to crack open the spine of a book with your name on the cover!!! Best of luck!! I look forward to writing a review that starts with, "Yesterday I read 'Plugged In' by Tina Hatch!

    1. Thank you so much! That is the day I'm working toward and hoping for, and I appreciate your support.