Completed Novels:

Plugged In

Misty Evans lives in the protected environment of a biosphere constructed after a plague destroyed most of the human race. Self-aware computers keep things in order, and the Techs who work with them have made new laws. Religion is illegal - and so is paper. 

The Tech President promises that all laws are made to keep citizens safe, as are the electronic devices that run their lives. But his assertions don't hold true when people who question the laws disappear - including Misty's mother.

As Misty enters her last year of Basic Education, she is separated from her best friend Berek, who has been singled out to become a Tech Trainee, a course that will take him from their home and place him in Tech Central, home of the Mainframe.

An accidental discovery unravels the clues to her mother's disappearance, the reality of their community, and the cause of the plague. With Berek by her side, she enters the toxic Outlands, searching for answers - and a way to save the remainder of the human race.


Can you ever really know the person you fall in love with? 

Eric is falling hard for Stacy, even though he knows she has secrets. He's already committed to her when he realizes her secrets are deadly, and it's probably too late for him.

An Adult Mystery novel. Approx. 75,000 words. Currently being edited.

Works in Progress:

In a Minute:

April Swanson is a mom. Her daughter, Hannah, is her life. As Hannah starts pre-school, April aches for another child, something her husband doesn't want. His insistence that one child is enough impacts the stability of their marriage.

When Hannah gets sick, they rally around her, but the anger and hurt swell as they deal with a life-threatening illness. Suspicion and resentment meld with worry and fear to create a deep divide in their marriage.

At the end of the illness, only pain, hurt, and loss remain, leading to a separation. April has to find a new identity, pull herself out of a deep depression, and decide if she can forgive her husband and move forward.

In a Minute is an Adult Contemporary novel.

Turn Back Time:

Liz Richards is a woman with everything. She's climbing the corporate ladder, married to a wonderful man, has two kids, and loves life. Until the accident.

She wakes up to a different life. She's single, childless, and an unemployed graduate student. And she isn't Liz Richards at all. She's 23-year-old Melanie Slade.

As Melanie recovers from her injuries and tries to piece together the reality of her life, she finds out that the truth isn't always helpful. In fact, putting the puzzle together complicates everything. And the knowledge she gains puts her in danger and leaves her fighting for her life.

Turn Back Time is an Adult Mystery novel with a Sci-fi twist.


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