About Tina

Tina Y. Hatch is the wife of John Hatch. She is the mother of four children, Carson, Kenadee, Baelee and Braden.

Early in life, Tina decided she loved to write. After spending her high school years as a member of the school newspaper staff, she majored in Communications at the University of Utah.  During that time she interned at a local all-news radio station, writing stories for the anchor to read on-air. This position offered her the opportunity to interview people, including local politicians. It also gave her a deep and lifelong love of media - as well as a fixation on the news.

After her marriage, and the birth of her first child, she put her writing aside, only dabbling on occasion. As her children grew, she read with them and created stories for them, always missing the feeling of putting pen to paper.

Tina is now writing fiction, and is attempting to find a literary agent to help her pursue her dreams of being published.

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